5 Easy Steps for Fixing a Broken Nail

You just had your nails all pimped up, all looking gorgeous and suddenly… snap! It is just so super frustrating when you accidentally bend and snap or tear you long nails. Not only did it shred your style to bits but it also destroyed months of hard work growing that nail.

Luckily, now, you don’t have to cut down all your nails just to match a short odd one, here’s a fashion hack for us nailoholics.


1. Clean the broken nail

Before applying anything to your nails, make sure that they are clean! Use Alcohol or other cleaners to wipe off residues, dirt and chemicals.

We only want to keep our broken nails, that the dirt!


2. Remove excess nails and cuticles

As you would in regular nail maintenance, remove the excess cuticles and the polish the shape of your nails. For the surface, make sure that there aren’t bumpy parts sticking out of the part where nails detached — not unless your going for 3D nail designs.


3. Shaping your material to size

Get your silk or other material you prefer, such as teabag cloth. You can mark the width with a pencil if your not comfortable with eyeballing it. Remember, don’t overstretch the material when your fitting it, you wouldn’t it to end up too small when it stretches back to size.


4. Gel them all together

Apply the gel at the base of where the nail detached. Then start applying it on top of the nail to even it out, remember, just hover the branch over the nail, do not press, otherwise, you might end up cutting the loose part entirely. Now, while its still wet, put the cut material on top of your nail.


5. Finishing touches

Add another layer of gel to smooth out the fabric layer. You can choose to remove all the applied layers near the cuticle for best results. Otherwise, you can opt for laziness and leave it as is (as I did. That’s just my little lazy girl secret though).

Good as new! I hope that’s useful for you and your beloved nails as much as it is for my precious ones.

You can watch the whole nail save hack here:


When was the last time you had your nails broken? How did that catastrophe happen? What did you do? Tell us your story, comment them below!


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