8 Easy Steps To Look Good For A Skype Interview

After refreshing your inbox an embarrassing number of times, the email finally comes through. You’re one of the lucky few selected for an interview. Yippee. Only, hold up, they want to do it over Skype. Skype haters gonna hate, but if you are someone who wants to use the interview as a time for the company to get to know you (and be impressed by you) as a person, Skype is preferable to a phone interview every time.

refinery29.comIt shows them so much more about who you are and how you will fit into their team. Preparation is the key to overcoming those jitters over online video call interviews. Lucky for you, that is what I just have here, a checklist of what to cover before you head on to battle!



Image result for clean look skype interview“Cater your beauty routine to your audience,” says Mutyala. “Especially with the world of social media, it’s not hard to understand the personality of your interviewer and their company. If you think they would appreciate a more fun look, go for it, but you have to make sure, more than anything, you feel comfortable with it. If you change your look too far from your personal style, you might end up being uneasy and it will show.


  1. SET UP

Half of the effort of looking flawless during a Skype interview happens before you even turn on your screen.

First: lighting! “It’s key,” advises Mutyala. “Your makeup can go from looking radiant to dull because of lighting. Make sure to set up the interview by natural light, so your beauty look can be showcased.”

Second: positioning. Chapman agrees that the way you set up your laptop can make a world of difference. “Check that the camera is at a good angle for you,” she says. “Normally, it’s best to have it pointing down on you rather than an up-nose shot.”

Third: background. And, one thing we always seem to forget, “Check that the background is interview-appropriate — no messy clothes on the floor!”



Related imageA shiny T-zone can be oddly distracting. “Those with oily skin should make sure to use an oil blotter and powder the face before the interview,” says Mutyala. “Oil is heightened on camera because light reflects off of these areas. A little bit of shine can work in your favor, but make sure to test-run how you look on the camera in the natural light to ensure it’s not exaggerated.”



All of our YouTube stars advise a little effort on face makeup, but nothing too drastic. “Of course, this is dependent on the job, but don’t go crazy on the contour,” says Mutyala. “Try to stick to a cleaner face with light accents of color. The shadows from a heavy contour can be distracting, especially if it’s not blended in well.”

So, after you blend, blend, blend, “Wear enough makeup that it’s visible on camera, but not so much that you look overdone. I suggest Skyping a friend first, so they can tell you how you’re looking.”



Some women don’t like to glam up their eyes for interviews in fear of going overboard, but Phan advises otherwise. “Don’t be scared to use glitter — just a little under the eyes to brighten them up,” she says. “Light will reflect off of the glitter, giving your eyes a magical look.”



And, where better to do so than your pout? Draw attention to your mouth and, in turn, to the brilliant words coming out of it. “People may disagree with this, but I love to leave an impression with a pop of color — my go-to is a classic, bold, red lip,” says Mutyala. “When you’re Skyping, rather than having an in-person interview, it’s important to find ways to show bits of your personality, and for me, that’s through my lip color. It’s still professional while giving a sense of who I am.”



Related imageWhether your hair is half-up or in a ballerina bun, you definitely want to pull some strands back to keep all eyes on your face. “My favorite Skype-interview hairdo is a top knot or sock bun,” says Mutyala. “It’s clean, simple, and draws more attention to your makeup look. Again, fewer distractions in all ways are key to a smooth interview.”



“Sit up straight, shoulders back, and be confident,” advises Phan.

“A smile is the best accessory you can wear, so wear it proudly. Happiness is true beauty.” We couldn’t agree more, Mish.


So go snag that job with your well prepped-up internet-savvy look. Remember, it’s an overall preparation that will help you land that job. Hope this article helps!

Any suggestions on big no nos for interview make-ups? Do share, comment below.



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